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It’s always easy to see the things that are large red flags when looking to invest in real estate. Finding the right investment can be harder that will be worthwhile to you and get you the results you are looking for. Here are some of the things to look for in an investment, and you don’t want to pass them over. Most of these are location based as the location is the biggest and most obvious factor in finding the right real estate property. A location can make or break an investment, so finding a few spots that will get you the most return is key.

Something that is more obvious is finding a property close to a big company HQ, such as tech giants; Google, Amazon, and Apple. These companies stay in a location for a long time and will always have the allure of employment. This is great for real estate, since the demand for property will rise as more employees seek places to live around these HQ cities.

Finding a location where the neighborhood is close in proximity to other major properties will give you a boost in value as well. Something that is close to transportation means, retail stores, or parks will give you more value in the property as well.

Water is a huge value increase for properties as well. Being close to a body of water such as a lake or ocean will significantly increase the value for any investment as those markets are always red hot.

School districts are a key factor in finding value in an investment. Having a few school zones around the area, but also having those school districts highly rated as well. These range from having high academics or athletics that can give a reason for families to be attracted to the area.

A good sign to see is when higher profile businesses start popping up in an area. Stores like Whole Foods will show that the higher ups at these companies must have seen some value in placing their store in the area. You can get some insider info on the area before even talking to anyone just by seeing which stores are pining for a retail spot.