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In the real estate world, technology is influencing the way business with clients is conducted. New ways to find and complete a sale from start to end are becoming available in the market and we are entering the Real Estate Web 3.0 phase. Web 3.0 is here to completely change the way that the sale is completed and do it with simplicity and ease. The way that Web 3.0 will influence the way agents conducts business will significantly change as it already has in the past couple of years.

In the past, Web 1.0 and 2.0 have updated real estate to the technological advances of the modern day by taking listings online and easier for clients to browse and find the right home for them. This allowed buyers to fully understand what they were getting into before even talking to an agent about the listing, allowing them to take out the hardships of searching for listings.

Now with Web 3.0, the next step of the home buying process is unlocked. Data is a huge portion of this next step. Companies will now be able to factor in the inside of the home into the pricing of homes, allowing things like upgrades, renovations, and premium features to show in the pricing. Buyers will now be able to gather more information during the process of the sale, from home prep to reviewing and signing crucial documents. Over half of home buyers are also looking to sell a previous home at the same time, which brings up problems such as not knowing when to sell the old home or buy the new one. Technology now is helping relieve the stress in these types of situations in Web 3.0.

With all of these additions of technology and automation into real estate, agents have been fearing for the role they play in the market now. The good news is that real estate agents still have a major role to play in the process, as a license is still required to perform and complete the transaction. The actual sale and final offers/sale of the transaction is still required to be performed by an agent, and with these technological advances allows agents to handle more sales with ease at once.