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Google has been growing at an exponential rate in terms of products and services as well as company size. The Google main campus is located in California near San Jose and has smaller locations around the country in various cities. They have different locations that focus on different aspects of the Google company. Many focus on search engine services, cloud development, or things like existing products in the G-Suite or Youtube. Last quarter Ruth Porat, chief financial officer of Alphabet (Google’s parent company), said that Google focused more of its facilities expenditure on “technical infrastructure” and that real estate investing has been “muted”. In the past three months, Google has announced three different plans to expand existing campuses or create new ones. The goal, at least based on the past three months, is a shift in focus to expanding jobs and real estate locations throughout the country.

Back in November, Google announced that a plan to spend almost $100 million for 21 acres of land for a brand new campus in San Jose, 15 miles south of its current headquarters. More recently in December, Google announced a new $1 billion dollar plan to expand the New York City campus and add more than double the amount of jobs located there. Currently, there are about 7,000 employees in the New York location, and the plan is to expand to 14,000 in headcount. The campus focuses on search engine services, advertising, Youtube, and cloud services.

The latest in new announcements for new locations, a local newspaper reported that Google is purchasing a 35-story office building in Austin, Texas. The new building will provide about 5,000 jobs for Google, and when asked about the new building, Google declined to comment ahead of a formal announcement. There are currently fewer than 1,000 employed in Austin for Google and will expand on jobs around sales, cloud services, and technical positions that are focused on G-Suite. The new office is in center city Austin and overlooks the Colorado River, and is under construction which will have around 790,000 square feet when completed.